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wujing851204score:4.3 / 52022-01-26
The location is very convenient. It's quiet by the West Lake. Walk a few minutes to the busiest Wulin Road commercial street. Eating, leisure and shopping are all available. It's only about half an hour's drive from here to Linyin temple. As a tourist base in Hangzhou, the location of this hotel is very advantageous. It's worth recommending.
bjcandy_136score:4.5 / 52022-01-26
The lobby is spacious and convenient. It's close to the West Lake.
anne900128score:5.0 / 52022-01-25
The hotel has been newly renovated for 14 years, and the old hotel has a new look. The location is very good. Crossing the road is the West Lake scenic spot. The hotel room is not too big, but it is available, and the bathroom and bed products are very comfortable. The parking lot is big
a628120890score:4.5 / 52022-01-25
Very good. I'll check in next time
adriancscore:5.0 / 52022-01-24
Except that the room is a little small, everything else is very good!
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