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Hangzhou first published collecting and distributing centre of global tourism map at the hotel before the Spring Festival

Date: 2018-02-01

The upcoming Spring Festival holidays, family is a good time to travel, hangzhou will usher in eight side visitors at home and abroad.As Marco Polo's "city of the world's most beautiful showily", hangzhou exactly what are the unique tourism hotspot destination?This year, hangzhou travel committee will advise for you.
On January 30, jointly by committee of hangzhou and hangzhou survey design institute) of the hangzhou global tourist map of fresh, this is the first release for hangzhou global tourist map.
Although the map is published for the first time, "global travel" is not strange to hangzhou.Global bud model of tourism development in hangzhou in 2007, promoting the strategy in 2011.In 2016, hangzhou put forward to create national level demonstration zones of global tourism, strengthen the radiating and driving play of tourism center city, drive the faubourgs (tourism industry rapid development, and mining in western counties and cities rich in resources, such as landscape, lake, culture has achieved initial results.
Global tourist map of this release, will be fully show in hangzhou since 2007 global travel fruitful results.Map enrichment of natural ecology, literature and history monuments, parent-child holiday, characteristic town, green cycling, such as content, concentration of rural tourism in recent years is introduced, the ginger, slow jiangnan village, under the village of 3 a and 2 a scenic spot for transshipment yangshan villages, tourists are very interested in hot destination.
Map integral style adopts two design elements, paper-cut, cartoon images by the concise line, clever silhouette, symbolic model, selection of lively color like blue, green, the overall build relaxed and pleasant reading experience.
It is worth mentioning that the global tourist map first to topology map expression, this is a kind of point and line position correct abstract map, often used in metro and rail transit.This form is relatively easy to read, let the map more beautiful and directly.
The reporter understands, the hangzhou first printed 15000 copies of global tourist map will be before the Spring Festival in hangzhou part of the hotel, travel consultation center, distribution center freely to tourists.Subsequent hangzhou travel committee will also be gradually updated map content, increase the map printing, to provide better services for tourists.