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2018 hotel industry of zhejiang province west conference of the year award list come!

Date: 2018-04-16

2017 in zhejiang province hotel industry awards contest since March 2018 to start, follow the principle of "fair, just and open", the category including "double top ten tourist hotels in zhejiang province award (including international brand hotel)", "top ten green tourist hotels in zhejiang province award", "top ten characteristics of zhejiang culture theme hotel award", "zhejiang hotel of the year for", "zhejiang annual new for the hotel industry", "zhejiang hotel partner of the year award" and the "zhejiang hotel industry cooperation award of the year".After tense competition, through online voting, evaluation association and experts to evaluate the three links, finally chosen by the activities committee assess the award-winning units and individuals.

Unlike last year, the evaluate Internet voting discretion not as participating units and individuals for the only selection criteria.Association to run unit added fill in the report, issued by information demands run unit according to truthfully fill in the data, provides some references for the evaluation of expert evaluation and association.Activities to carry out its own corporate culture can not only improve the participation unit, the promotion of the competitiveness of the hotel enterprise internal and to enhance social awareness of the hotel industry, expand the social influence of hotel industry.